Russian Translation of Stories
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The number that follows each TITLE below is the Flesch‐Kincaid Grade Level (0.0→6.0, for example = easiest→hardest). See Wikipedia, Readability‐Score, or Readability‐Grader.

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The stories on the following pages are jpg's (images), so when you left‐click or right‐click on a story, your options are limited. Also, not on your laptop or desktop but probably on your phone or mobile device, the material preceding and following the stories and vocabulary is probably messed up. I apologize. I will get that material fixed when I learn how to apply the proper HTML5 code, which unfortunately may not be till 2018, or later!
The Russian translations and vocabulary are courtesy of, and property of, Sofya Algina email Sofya, who lives in Russia. One day, just out of the blue, Sofya sent me an email, with her translation idea. Lucky me! Lucky us!    Mike  email me

1. Red Ball on the Floor    0.0
2. Warm Air and a Sandwich    0.0
3. He Gets Dressed, Sees His Friend    0.0
4. Noisy Animals, Quiet Animals    0.6
5. They Play Catch    0.0
6. Cookie on the Floor    1.1
7. A Cat and a Dog    0.0
8. Hungry for Hot Dogs    3.1
9. Her Book and Her Cats    1.8
10. Kids and Their Teacher    0.0
11. Parents Save Babies from Fire    1.0
12. A Young Girl Knows How    0.0
13. A Baby Goes to Sleep    1.3
14. He Eats a Candy Bar    2.4
15. A Backpack and a Bus    0.0
16. An Airplane in the Sky    0.5
17. Let's Go to Disneyland    3.4
18. His First Roller Coaster Ride    0.7
19. Birthday Cake and Candles    0.3
20. A Boat in the Tub    0.3
21. Her Doll Is Like Her    0.3
22. A Fork, Spoon, Plate, and Carrot    0.0
23. She Sees a Worm    0.0
24. He Talks to Mom    1.0
25. Car in a Car Wash    0.0
26. Monkeys at the Zoo    0.5
27. He Is a Chocolate Lover    5.0
28. The Circus Is in Town    1.8
29. Is There Life on the Moon?    0.3
30. A Penny Collector    0.8
31. Red Trees and Red Cats    3.9
32. Comics in the Newspaper    1.6
33. Bright Stars in the Night Sky    0.1
34. A Water Fountain in the Park    1.3
35. She Feeds Her Cats    0.0
36. He Builds a Snowman    1.0
37. She Swims Every Day    1.3
38. She Rides Her Skateboard    1.1
39. He Gets a Weekly Allowance    2.1
40. She Plays Basketball    1.4
41. Everyone Loves Babies    2.9
42. He Rides an Old Bicycle    0.3
43. Ants in the Kitchen    1.1
44. A Popsicle House    0.7
45. A Boxer Dog Named Duke    0.0
46. Two Boys and a Baseball    1.4
47. The Snow Melts on the Ground    0.5
48. An Orange and Black Butterfly    2.0
49. Camping in the Woods    0.5
50. Ride a Carousel Horse    1.1

501. Test Only   0.0
502. Test Only   0.0

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