948. A Coffin Waits In Brooklyn

948. He said, "Good news! I've narrowed our cemeteries down to two." His wife said, "Can we talk about this some other time?" He said, "Honey, I'm healthy today, but maybe I'm dead tomorrow. Don't you think we should talk about this before I'm not around to talk about this?" She said, "Don't talk like that, either. I can't bear to think of life without you." He said, "I'm sorry. But the sooner we prepare, the better. I researched cemeteries online. I think our two best choices are Green‐Wood in Brooklyn and Woodlawn in the Bronx." She said, "The Bronx? We've lived our whole lives in Brooklyn, so why even consider the Bronx?" He said, "Well, Woodlawn is cheaper." She said, "Of course—cheaper. Do we have to take cheaper to the grave with us, honey? We've been doing cheaper our whole lives. At least in death, let's live a little." 2.6


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