491. The Girl Who Stopped Eating

491. Becky's mom was worried. She took Becky to the doctor's office. She told the doctor, "Becky used to eat three times a day. Now she's not eating a thing. She says she's not hungry anymore. Of course, I don't believe her. I never heard of such a thing. I mean, it's impossible to not eat, right? She's got to be eating something, somewhere." The doctor examined Becky. He asked her many questions. He ordered blood, urine, and stool samples. A week later, Becky and her mom returned to his office. He said, "Well, Becky's not lying to you. Her body is actually making its own nutrients. It's a rare, but temporary, condition. It's called 'utensilosis.' She should start eating again in about a year. Don't worry about it. Look on the bright side. She won't have to brush or floss. She won't outgrow her clothes. And you'll save on groceries." 3.2


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