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eslyes.com is a completely FREE site containing 1,600+ original stories, plus exercises and audio, for Beginner and Intermediate users, including teachers and students, worldwide. Plus links to author's e‐book (only 99 cents!) containing 500 short stories at Amazon‐Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and Google Play(Android).   . . . Other than co‐copyright owner Ron Lee, anyone who uses our shared material for profit must receive written permission and post such permission prominently. Such permission and posting are also required for for‐profit use of the UNshared material on this eslyes.com site. Through the first date appearing on this homepage, I have received no requests for such permission from anybody.   . . . This site is currently being upgraded to AMP (per Google's suggestion). Completion is scheduled for July 2017.
I was an ESL instructor (BA English, MA Education) for 24 years in Pasadena, CA and Brooklyn, NY. A Brooklyn resident, I ride the subway regularly and cross the street warily.   —Mike Carlson

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