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E‐Books "English Learner 500 Short Stories for Beginner‐Intermediate" Vols. 1 and 2 only 99¢ each! (iPhone or Android) at Amazon-Kindle.

December 9, 2018:   Hi! I hope you enjoy your FREE use of these original stories and dialogues, using your PC, Mac, or your mobile device. They are for Beginner and Intermediate Level English learners. Many stories have Vocabulary, Cloze, Scrambled Sentences, Crosswords, and Dictation exercises. Most stories have audio. Many stories have two audio speeds—normal speed and slow speed.  . . . Teachers: Feel free to copy, print, edit, and otherwise reasonably use eslyes.com stories, exercises, etc. for classroom distribution.  . . . Dec. 21, 2016: ALL audio files are now downloadable, at each story page and elsewhere. The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level accompanies EVERY story. And, if you like the New York City stories, follow the links, above and below, to where you can buy my 99¢ e‐books.  . . . November 26, 2018: For some of my pages, where it says "Bottom of this page" so you can just click to the bottom of that page instantly, the link is broken. I have NO idea what the problem is (the same exact link works on some pages, but not on other pages). I'll fix it eventually, I hope.

I'm always trying to improve this site. If you have suggestions, I'm all ears! And, if you like this site, please tell others. I'm not teaching now, but I was an ESL instructor for 24 years (Pasadena, CA, and Brooklyn, NY). email me Mike Carlson michaeleslATgmail.com.  . . . November 13, 2018: Hi, students in South Korea! Thank you for today's $ contribution!

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